About Us

Frank Linn began his culinary career in 1999 by earning a certificate from the culinary arts program at L’ Academie de Cuisine in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Since graduating, Frank has cooked in the kitchens of some of Washington D.C.’s top restaurants and catering companies in addition to teaching a variety of culinary classes at Sur la Table’s culinary program in Arlington, Virginia.

In 2003, Frank started his own private culinary business, Frankly...Food!, and began as a part-time private chef. As Frank acquired more clients, Frankly…Food! became a full-time venture and expanded to include private cooking classes, tasting menus, and private parties.

Due to his long time love affair with pizza, Frank decided to use his culinary expertise to pursue his dream and opened Frankly...Pizza!, a mobile, wood-fired brick oven pizza business in 2011.

After two years toting his mobile pizza oven around to farmers markets and gaining many loyal customers, Frank opened a brick and mortar restaurant in Kensington, MD in July of 2014.



Hearth-baked pizza is our specialty.

Our tiny kitchen leaves room for one thing only, and that’s pizza! Quickly baked in our oak-fired brick oven, pizzas emerge piping hot, deep golden to mahogany brown with an intended bubbly, charred (not burnt) crust.

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Freshest ingredients

We use the freshest ingredients possible, and the only ones that come from a can are the plum tomatoes, which we crush, then cook down to a deep herbaceous sauce which is a recipe that has been in the Linn family for over 80 years.


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Locally-sourced meats

We source our Berkshire pork from Orchard Breeze farm in Orrtanna, PA. Select cuts of this heritage breed pig are delivered weekly and are transformed into mouth-watering bacon and cured meats (limited availability).

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UNIQUE BEVErage Program

Our seasonal house-made sodas contain all natural ingredients, and never any artificial ingredients. With little space to store bottles, we run a small but unique beer and wine program. We select an exciting variety of local and craft beer to suit all tastes. We offer a small selection of bottled wines as well as keg wine by the glass. We receive all of our wine from high quality producers and it is always fresh, straight from keg to glass. Keg wine also means we have little bottle waste. Our wine pour, at 5.5 oz. is served in a roomy wine glass, so swirl away and enjoy the wine experience!

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Earth-friendly dining

We strive for a small footprint by using energy efficient, low water flow equipment, LED and CFL lighting.

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New Chefs on the Block

Our story has been on film since day one! Check the trailer out at www.newchefsontheblock.com

Follow the production on Twitter @newchefsfilm